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How Much Financial Advice Should Cost?

The definition of financial advice cost is the cost which is less than the cost of benefits it delivers. But if the costs are taken as upfront, it is hard to judge on the earth whether the benefits we receive is valuable or not. Rules have changed: As the rules of the plans have been… Read More »

Income Tax Deduction Under Section 80C

Section 80C is one of the major Tax Saving tools, which all of us can utilize. We will see the items which can be included under the head of deduction under section 80C, in this article. Brief History of Section 80 C Section 80 C came into effect from 1st April 2006, after replacing the… Read More »

How To Link Aadhaar Card to Mutual Funds Online

When initially the government launched Aadhaar card, there were a lot of questions that were left unanswered. These questions are being answered slowly by the government. Aadhaar has been linked with bank accounts, phone numbers, PAN card and many other vital documents. Aadhaar has become a very useful thing. Recently, there was news in the… Read More »

Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs) In India

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Company. It is a company that is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 of India. The moderation and working of NBFCs are regulated by the central bank itself. The operations are based on the framework issued by the Reserve Bank of India, 1934 in Chapter III – B and directions… Read More »

Gold Investment Scheme/Plans In India

Recently the Indian Government has launched schemes which were based on Physical Gold. These schemes were centrally targeted at reducing the demand of physical gold and luring the customers to introduce the same in banking sectors. These schemes are being considered important by the economists because they feel that this scheme will reach to the… Read More »

World Bank Definition, Members, Organizational Structure, Goals and Facts

The World Bank Group is a cohesive international institution of five organizations. The main objective of this institution is to make leveraged loans to developing and underdeveloped countries. It was inaugurated with the intention to eradicate poverty and empower on July 4, 1944. It came into formal existence on December 27, 1945, just after the… Read More »

Reserve Bank of India All Set To Introduce Rs. 200 Denomination Currency

Lot has been trending on the social media about the Rs.  200 currency.  Actually, there was a leaked picture that circulated on the social networking websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. People began spreading rumors among which, some of them were correct and some of them were fake. There were excitement and enthusiasm both seen… Read More »

Reserve Bank of India to Introduce Rs. 50 notes

The introduction of new currency notes has always been the point of regular discussion in recent times. There have been talks, foretelling and speculations of new currency notes by the experts. The Modi Government has cleared its intentions from the very beginning to fight against black money and restore the capital that has been evaded… Read More »