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What will be the effect of GST on your insurance premium?

GST (Goods and services tax) after its passing has changed the tax architecture between center and the state. It is added value tax which will eradicate the flowing effect or double taxation effect on the price of goods as well as service down the worth chain. It is considered that the superior tax rate will… Read More »

Commercial General Liability: Basic meaning and insuring contract

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance coverage is a very essential protection for business policyholders, especially who broadly offers indemnity and defense coverage against the claims for property damage and bodily injury. CGL coverage is generally written on the standard policy forms which are developed by the nationwide insurance industry companies. This is the product of… Read More »

What is the importance of nomination in insurance policy?

During a lifetime of a person, he makes various financial decisions such as investing in banks, life insurance policies and many more. These are important financial investments but appointing a nominee is equally significant. We know life is very short and unpredictable also. The catastrophe of the death of a family member is incompatible but… Read More »

Guidelines to be considered before opting for an insurance coverage

There are various problems in getting the accurate insurance policy from the accurate insurance organization. But prior to getting the insurance plan you should always check the status and image of the company from which you are trying to take the insurance plan. But this much information is not only sufficient, you should also check… Read More »

Why it is essential to have insurance of your business?

Insurance policy that provides safety and security to your business from losses due to some events that happen during normal course of business is known as business insurance. Companies estimates their insurance needs which are based on potential risks or which can vary depending on the type of environment in which company runs. There are… Read More »

7 steps for reporting insurance fraud

Mainly, there are two types of motivations behind reporting about the insurance fraud. These are turning in a customer for fraudulent action against an insurance company. Another is turning in an insurance agent, insurance company and sovereign claims adjuster for an act of scam against customers. The proper steps can be differed depending on the… Read More »

What are the different types of Insurance?

Now a days everyone wants financial security. Insurance is the most excellent defensive measure for pecuniary stability. Even, a person has lot of savings put to the side in a secure place but there can always be various kinds of disasters that will exhaust all of your savings. In these types of situations insurance is… Read More »