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7 steps for reporting insurance fraud

Mainly, there are two types of motivations behind reporting about the insurance fraud. These are turning in a customer for fraudulent action against an insurance company. Another is turning in an insurance agent, insurance company and sovereign claims adjuster for an act of scam against customers. The proper steps can be differed depending on the… Read More »

Rising trends in Insurance Industry

Insurance is a social device for reducing or eradicating risk of loss of property or life. It is a way of sharing the financial losses and converts uncertainties to conviction. Social development and growth in economy in present scenario is due to rapid change in the economic planning and industrial policy. Many MNC’s are now entering to the… Read More »

What are the different types of Insurance?

Now a days everyone wants financial security. Insurance is the most excellent defensive measure for pecuniary stability. Even, a person has lot of savings put to the side in a secure place but there can always be various kinds of disasters that will exhaust all of your savings. In these types of situations insurance is… Read More »