Check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project Before Buying a House

By | November 22, 2018

It is  very easy to check RERA registration status of a real estate project. Buying a home means you are investing your whole life hard earned money thus you have lots of responsibilities while choosing the right builder. However, there is a possibility that someone can what a builder claim is false so it is better to check RERA registration status of real estate project on which you will get to know about the details of the projects as well as about the approval of the project.

RERA has been in force from 1 May 2017 still many homebuyers are not aware of it and some are still looking for getting some information regarding RERA. It is necessary for all developers to add their RERA registration number in the documents of features and files. So if you want to give your money in safe hands then it is your responsibility to check the RERA status of the project first in which you are thinking to invest your money.

Here is a guide for you to check the RERA registration status of real estate project  

To check RERA registration status of real estate project, you need to identify the project website because it is a subject of the state thus there is a different website for all states. Thus before jumping down on the process, identify your state’s RERA website.

  1. Visit As you already know, here I am giving you a guide with reference to Karnataka state thus it is the reference for Karnataka state project. The language used on this website is Kannada.

You need to click on “approved projects” at the home page of your state’s RERA website.

  1. After clicking on this tab, you will be redirected to a new page where you will see four options. You will see four options applications under process, application approved, an application under query and application rejected. Check image for the reference.

Start clicking on each tab to get to know about the project from left to right in order as they are seen in the image to get other specifications with the approval of the project such that you will have confidence while investing your money.

  1. In tab “application approved”, you will get the details of your project. You can also download the specifications given there.
  2. While you need to do login to get the specification and approval certificate of the project. You can download both the certificate as well as the project specifications.

It is always a great idea to download the project details such that you can differentiate between what builder says to you and what the project actually offers. For downloading the file, check the image for reference.

So, from now, don’t trust any builder blindly, it is a great way to cross-check all the information what the builder is offering you. So, before investing your hard-earned money, look at the specifications of the project, check whether this is the right project for you and then invest your hard-earned money in it such that you can have the home of your dreams.

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