HDFC Life: Click2Protect Plus Term Plan Review

By | April 14, 2017

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus is a term insurance plan with unique benefit features at affordable prices.It is an ideal comprehensive protection plan which protects you and your loved ones against the uncertainties of life. This term plan provides a wide range of additional cover options you can choose from depending on your needs & requirements. This policy helps to secure your family and their daily needs in your absence in the form of monthly income under Income Plus options.

Key Features of this Plan

  • Comprehensive coverage at low cost.
  • Provide financial protection for you and your family in your absence.
  • Customize your plan with the choice of cover options as per your requirements.

Every individual needs a different form of protection and therefore The HDFC clicks 2 protect plus provides you four different cover options.

  1. Life Cover Option: this pays 100% of sum assured as lump sum payout to the nominee on the death of the policy holder.
  1. Income Option: Part of the sum assured will be paid as death benefit to the nominee and the remaining is paid as monthly income for 15 years
  1. Income Plus Option: It provides 100% sum assured paid on the death of the policy holder and additional monthly income for the next 10 years. This monthly income can be even chosen as a level or increasing income at 10% p.a.
  1. Extra Life Option: Double of the sum assured paid as a death benefit in case of an accidental death.
  • This policy comes with various payments options that you can adopt as per your financial needs/ preference.
  1. Single Premium Payment: Pay only once. Pay your entire premium in one go and stay covered for the entire policy term.
  2. Regular Premium Payment: Pay premium periodically at regular intervals i.e., monthly, half -yearly or annually.
  3. Limited Premium Payment: Pay premium regularly for 5 years lesser than your policy term and stay covered for the entire policy term. As you grow your policy should also grow so that your families’ needs are never left unfulfilled.
  • HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus Term Plan helps you increase your sum assured at important life stages without fresh medicals.
  • Get additional protection by opting for HDFC life critical Illness plus rider which provides a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of 19 critical illnesses.
  • HDFC life income benefit on Accidental Disability Rider offers income for 10 years in the case of total permanent disability due to an accident for a fixed period of 10 years.
  • Save Tax under section 80C and section 10(10) D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Advantages/ Benefits of this plan

  1. Death Benefit under this plan

In case of Single Premium Policy: The nominee will receive highest of

  • 125% of Single Premium
  • Sum Assured

In case of Regular Premium Policy: The nominee will receive highest of

  • 10 times the annualized premium
  • 105% of all the premiums paid as on date of death of the policy holder.
  • Sum Assured
  • Life Option: The death benefit specified above is paid to the nominee as a lump sum on the death of the policy holder.
  • Extra Life Option : Under this , the death benefit specified above payable in a lump sum and an additional benefit equal to Sum Assured is payable in case of death due to an accident.
  • Income Option:
  1. 10% of the death benefit shall be paid as a lump sum upon death of the policy holder.
  2. The remaining 90% of the death benefit shall be paid as monthly income to the nominee over next 15 years (0.5% of the death benefit every month for 15 years.
  • Income Plus Option :
  1. 100% of the Death Benefit specified above shall be paid as a lump sum upon death of the policy holder.
  2. In addition to it a monthly income equal to 0.5% of the Sum Assured shall be payable for a period of 10 years.
  3. The monthly income can be level or increase at 10% p.a. as chosen by the policyholder
  1. Maturity Benefit

No benefit can be availed on survival till the end of policy term.

  1. Life Stage Protection

This is available under the Life option upon payment of an additional premium. As the financial circumstances changes, you must be sure you have enough cover as you are going to face different milestones in your life. With Life Stage Protection feature you can

  1. Increase your cover (Sum Assured) which will lead to a proportional increase in future premiums: You can increase your Insurance Cover without any medicals on any one or all of the following events.


Events Additional Sum Assured (%) Subject to Maximum Additional Sum Assured
Marriage 50% 50,00,000
Birth of 1st child 25% 25,00,000
Birth of 2nd Child 25% 25,00,000

These events must occur during the term of the policy.

  1. Reduce the additional sum assured

This reduces the additional cover later which will lead to a proportional reduction in future premiums.  With age as your income rise and also your children become independent.  You may realize you don’t need the Additional Cover anymore. HDFC Life offers you the flexibility to reduce the additional cover after the age of 45 years.

Eligibility of this plan is mentioned below:

Particulars Minimum Limit Maximum Limit
Entry Age 18 years 65 years
Maturity Age 28 years 75 years
Policy Term 10 years 40 years
Premium Paying Term Regular & Single
Premium Paying Frequency Annual, Half- yearly,quarterly,monthly
Sum Assured 25 lakh No limit
Premium Limit 3000 No limit

How to Buy this Plan

You can buy this plan @ in just few clicks!

  1. Customize your plan

Select your

  1. Plan option
  2. Sum Assured
  3. Policy Term
  4. Additional Coverage Options
  5. Premium Paying Term
  6. Payment frequency
  1. Generate Premium Quote

You need to fill the following information to generate the premium quote

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Answer if you consume tobacco or not
  1. Provide your relevant information

Fill your personal details; answer few questions on your occupation, health, lifestyle, health and your family’s medical history along with the nomination details.

  1. Pay Premiums

The Last step towards securing your family’s future is the payment. Select your desired mode of payment and make payment.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if I don’t pay premiums?

This Plan has a grace period of 30 days for yearly , half yearly and quarterly frequencies from the premium due date. The grace period provided for the monthly payment frequency is 15 days from the premium due date.

Grace Period is the time provided after the premium due date during which the policy is considered to be in-force with the risk cover. In case the premium is not paid before the end of the grace period, the policy will lapse. Risk cover will be ceased and no benefits will be payable is case of lapsed policy.

  • Can I surrender the Plan?

One can surrender the policy anytime and get the surrender benefits as stated below.

Premium Pay Surrender Value
Single Pay Life, Extra Life, Income Option and Income Plus Option :

Single pay 70% x Single Premium x (Unexpired Coverage Term / Original Coverage Term ):

Regular Pay No surrender Value
Limited Pay No surrender Value
  • Who will get the benefit?

The benefit on death of the policy holder will be paid to the nominee.  You can nominate a person who will receive the benefit under this policy. Anytime while the policy is in force, you can, by written notice to bank designate any person or persons as a nominee to whom the benefits under this policy upon the unfortunate death of the policy holder will be paid.

  • What is not covered?

Suicide Clause

80% of the premiums paid shall be payable to the nominee in case of death within 12 months from the date of inception of the policy.

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