Health Insurance: Hidden benefits that you should know

By | November 24, 2016

Health insurance is a method to help reimburse for health care expenditure. Similar to home insurance or car insurance, you can select from an assortment of plans for meeting your budget as well as health care requirements. Apart from this, people think that the health insurance only takes care of the hospital expenses. But in real health insurance plans are advantageous in many more ways as the insurance companies foot the bill for an assortment of other expenses too.

Hence, some hidden benefits of health insurance that you should know are as following:

  • Domiciliary Treatment:

Numerous insurance companies provide you coverage for treatments taken at residence under the medicinal management. This is not covered for an imprecise number of days though. Moreover, there are restrictions on the amount as well as the number of days of treatment.

  • Alternative Treatment:

Now a days alternative therapy have become very popular. Now many insurance corporations are eager to provide you monetary cover for another treatment such as homeopathy, yoga, ayurveda and various others. One is covered in such type of treatments if it happens in the governments hospitals or in the institutes that are recognized by the National Accreditation Board on Health or Quality Council of India.

  • Convalescence Benefits:

After a person come out from the hospital, then he deserves to be pampered. Then the insurance company takes care of the recovery expenditures by giving him a recovering benefit. This covers any expenses that may take place because of hospitalization. The insurance company will reimburse you a lump sum amount if a person is in the hospital for seven to ten days.

  • Free Health Check up:

Many health insurance plans offer the free health check ups to the policyholder. But one can get this benefit after every 4 or 5 claim free years. Person can avail a cashless health check up if his all tests are done at any hospital or clinic that is included in the network of hospitals of your insurance company.

  • Weight loss Surgeries:

One of the hidden benefits of the health insurance is weight loss surgeries as the weight loss surgeries or bariatric are not considered to be as the cosmetic procedures any more. These types of surgeries can be life saving operations for those people who are dealing with medical conditions as a consequence of obesity.

  • Daily Hospital Cash Allowance:

Many insurance companies also provide the added monetary protection for covering the unaccounted expenditures which are not included in the plan, such as food and traveling.

Other than these hidden benefits of health insurance, some more benefits of health insurance are as following:

  • There is no requirement to carry cash to the hospital since one can avail of the cashless treatments.
  • Ensure peace of mind.
  • Income tax benefits as the health insurance premium qualifies for assumption under section 80D. Deductions are also accessible for any expenditure incurred for the medical cure of the disabled.
  • Flexible insurance cover.
  • One can avail of the services and facilities up to the old age by renewing the plan every year.


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