How To Apply For Digilocker With Your Aadhar Card

By | August 15, 2017

The management of the documents and the digital files such a tedious work. These days most of the paperwork and submission are done on the computer, smart phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets through the internet. So the management of these files owes importance and value. People sometimes send it to their e-mail ids or have it with themselves with personal drives, Google drives, drop box etc. According to many technical gurus and experts, it is not a good idea. It is not safe to risk your own security on the third party. Instead of using third party software, one can use government owned platform for this purpose.

The Government of India has recently launched the DigiLocker. It is an Aadhaar based government of India’s Digital Locker. Now, if any of the agencies need documents then one needs to submit it in the physical or scanned image format. This is not a down winded task not only for the agency but for the applicant also. There are always chances of fake documents. So this process was very tedious in nature. The need of the time is to integrate the issuer, the user and the agency in a safe and easy method.


Main purposes or objectives of creating such a huge based digital format of the documentation storage are as follow:

  • Provision of a default DigiLocker to all the residents
  • Eliminating or dismantling the fake usage of documents
  • Minimization of the use of the physical documents
  • Convenience of the users

Meaning of DigiLocker

It is a safe and simple to use digital locker given to the citizen of India. The system has been dedicated to the personal use only. It is therefore Aadhar based. For the purpose of login or sign up purpose, one need to have Aadhar Card. Earlier, the Government of India has made it mandatory to have Aadhar Card for every Indian citizen. People can easily store the scanned images and documents safely.

Features of DigiLocker:

  • The DigiLocker is linked with the Aadhar Card. When one will sign in to avail the services of DigiLocker, it is mandatory to give Aadhar details.
  • Right now, people can use 10 MB of space. But according to the news in the market, the space will be upgraded to 1 GB.
  • One can upload pdf, jpeg, jpg, bmp, GIF, and png type of files.
  • One can access it from anywhere and at any point of time.
  • People can also download their e-Aadhar.
  • The DigiLocker has a URI. URI stands for Uniform Resource Indicator. It is an authentication of one’s loaded document from respective department or agencies. E.g. The ITD or the Income Tax Department will verify the PAN. After the verification is completed one will see only the URL not the image. One needs to click and share with the agencies of one’s choice while sharing.

Stakeholders of this system


An individual or an agency requesting documents from a person who is normally a customer. E.g.- The application form of any college or university asks for the documentation.


These are the institutions or agencies which have been given the right to issue particular documents. E.g. The Income Tax Department has been given the rights to issue PAN.


It is the person whose name is mentioned in the document. So this is the person whom the documents belong.

Steps to create an account in DigiLocker

  • Visit the official site of DigiLocker, i.e., . Once the site is opened there is the option to open a new account.
  • One needs phone number and Aadhaar Card. Aadhar Card has been made the mandatory document. So one needs to enter the details correctly while signing up for Digi Locker.
  • Once the details are filled the person will be asked to fill a captcha that would be alpha numeric and case sensitive.
  • After doing that an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number submitted in the previous step.
  • One need to correctly fill in the same OTP as received on the registered mobile number at the time of registration.
  • After filling all these information, one will be taken to another pop up. The pop up will contain another form. The form needs to be filled. The form has four fields that are mandatory to be filled.
  • The first field is for the e-mail id. This e-mail id will also act as the username. Then is the password which is to be chosen by the form filler. The password can be anything however it needs to specify certain conditions. The third field is for the confirm password. The confirm password should be exactly congruent to the password filled in the above field. The last field again is left for captcha needs to be seen thoroughly and then should be filled with precision.
  • After submitting this information the account will be successfully created. One can freely upload documents up to 10 mega bytes.
  • The document’s name can be chosen by the individual and can be set according to one’s convenience.

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