Why Should You Opt For Rs.10 Lakh Travel Insurance In Indian Railway?

By | August 14, 2017

There are always possibilities of negative things which one should consider knowingly or unknowingly. Travel Insurance is one of them. Accidents in a train journey are a very rare event, but that does not take it away that it will never happen. Indian Railways recently introduced travel insurance for the passengers. With this travel insurance, the life of the insurer will be secured with an amount of rupees ten lakhs. The passengers will have to give a negligible amount of less than one rupee.

The real importance of the travel insurance was prominently recognized when a train with 695 passengers on board met an accident. This incident took place on 20th November 2016. The train was traveling from Indore to Patna.  Out of the 695 passengers, 128 passengers had opted for travel insurance by paying an extra 92 paise at the time of booking ticket. Out of these 128 passengers, 78 were on the train at the time of the accident. This shows the need and compulsion of travel insurance. The work of Indian Railways to introduce it at almost a negligible cost is commendable in the eyes of experts.

Features, Benefits, and Conditions

  • It is good to note that Indian Railways is the facilitator of this insurance. So in the case of an issue or any query related to the travel insurance, Indian Railways or IRCTC is not answer this.


  • This travel insurance is not meant for children below 5 years old.
  • Another important thing to note is that this facility is available only when the ticket is booked online. This means travel insurance can only opt through e-ticket.
  • There is no compulsion to opt for the travel insurance. One can choose to ignore it if he or she wishes.
  • The premium of this travel insurance is very less 0.92 INR (inclusive of all taxes).
  • The policy number and policy details can be seen through the IRCTC account which was used during the acceptance and paying the premium of the Insurance.
  • Once the premium is paid then no cancellation of the insurance is allowed.
  • This accidental insurance is same for all class of passengers whether they are from the sleeper, AC tier 1, AC tier 2 or AC tier 3.
  • The nomination can be done. The person whose name is there in the nomination list shall receive the claim if the insured person dies during the train accident.
  • Once the travel insurance is bought, one will receive the SMS on the registered phone number. An e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail id. The SMS and the email will have the link through which the insurers can fill the nomination form.
  • The coverage for the policy for each of the passenger for hospitalization expenses death, injury, permanent total or partial disability, and transportation of mortal remains under Rail Accident or untoward incident will be done.
  • Untoward accident means any terrorist act, violent attack or commission of dacoit or robbery. This can be indulging shoot-out, rioting or arson.


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