Gold Investment Scheme/Plans In India

Recently the Indian Government has launched schemes which were based on Physical Gold. These schemes were centrally targeted at reducing the demand of physical gold and luring the customers to introduce the same in banking sectors. These schemes are being considered important by the economists because they feel that this scheme will reach to the… Read More »

World Bank Definition, Members, Organizational Structure, Goals and Facts

The World Bank Group is a cohesive international institution of five organizations. The main objective of this institution is to make leveraged loans to developing and underdeveloped countries. It was inaugurated with the intention to eradicate poverty and empower on July 4, 1944. It came into formal existence on December 27, 1945, just after the… Read More »

What to Choose Between Traditional Endowment and ULIP Plan?

These are two types of insurance plan that will provide several benefits to cover your risk, safety for your money, income returns which are fixed as well as the other tax benefits. Traditional insurance plans count in very previous and oldest plan for insurance policy. These traditional plans adapt a quality to provide a very… Read More »

Reserve Bank of India All Set To Introduce Rs. 200 Denomination Currency

Lot has been trending on the social media about the Rs.  200 currency.  Actually, there was a leaked picture that circulated on the social networking websites like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google. People began spreading rumors among which, some of them were correct and some of them were fake. There were excitement and enthusiasm both seen… Read More »

Reserve Bank of India to Introduce Rs. 50 notes

The introduction of new currency notes has always been the point of regular discussion in recent times. There have been talks, foretelling and speculations of new currency notes by the experts. The Modi Government has cleared its intentions from the very beginning to fight against black money and restore the capital that has been evaded… Read More »

How To Apply For Digilocker With Your Aadhar Card

The management of the documents and the digital files such a tedious work. These days most of the paperwork and submission are done on the computer, smart phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets through the internet. So the management of these files owes importance and value. People sometimes send it to their e-mail ids or… Read More »

Why Should You Opt For Rs.10 Lakh Travel Insurance In Indian Railway?

There are always possibilities of negative things which one should consider knowingly or unknowingly. Travel Insurance is one of them. Accidents in a train journey are a very rare event, but that does not take it away that it will never happen. Indian Railways recently introduced travel insurance for the passengers. With this travel insurance,… Read More »

Latest IRDA Health Insurance Regulations 2016–17

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India announced Health Insurance Regulations 2016 on 12th July 2016. Few positives were insured to the individuals to look for. Below is the brief description of these changes: Life Insurance Companies cannot Sell Mediclaim Policies There are two types of health policies in the insurance market. They are… Read More »