Why to know your insurance premium before purchasing new car

Now a days cars have become an essential part of everyone lives. It is very important to purchase car insurance if you intend to buy any car. The insurance premium is not common for the all sorts of cars. Therefore, everyone should know the amount of premium before deciding to purchase a car. Factors which… Read More »

SBI Life – eIncome Shield Protection Plan Review

As the name suggests, Income is the integral part of each and every one’s life. Whether we work to live, or live to work, income is the one which helps us to maintain the lifestyle. Income helps us to pay all rents, mortgage, telephone bill and utility bills. Life is a serious event that any… Read More »

ICICI Prudential: Smart Health Cover Policy Review

Why is Health insurance important? Health insurance is a type of insurance which helps us in covering the medical expenses during critical illness. The expenses could cover hospitalization cost, medicine costs, and consultation fees. ICICI Prudential Other Plans Types The health insurance can be classified into two different plans Mediclaim Plans Critical illness insurance Plans… Read More »

Best 7 Investments for Child Education

There are many parents in the country who might be thinking to have the best child investment plan. This is aimed at parent’s who are looking for savings for child education. There are different investments options available for child education and the options are to be wisely chosen based on child’s age. Each and every… Read More »

Budget 2017 – New hope for Digital Revolution

Feb 1st 2017, It is the day where whole nation is waiting after Demonetization. The budget for the year 2017 – 2018 was presented by Honorable Finance minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament. It is clearly identified that the budget is devised clearly to ensure all the transactions of this fiscal year should be transparent. The… Read More »

Debunking the misconceptions of Demonetization

Before really debunking the misconceptions of demonetization, it is way more important to know what exactly does it mean and why does it happen? Meaning Demonetization is the act of stripping a unit of currency of its status as a legal tender. So, when is it necessary? It is necessary whenever there is a change… Read More »

What are the various methods for clearing holiday debt?

For everyone the season of holiday is the period throughout which most people build up sizeable debts that they resist to clear off later. Holiday debt can be an ache to deal with except you have a proper plan to get over it. Some of the effective methods for clearing the holiday debt are as… Read More »

SBI Life: Annuity Plus Policy Review

SBI Life Annuity Plus Pension Plan is basically an Immediate pension, traditional as well as non participating plan. This policy introduced by SBI provides a person with a wide variety of the annuity alternatives along with its in built flexibilities. SBI Life – Annuity Plus also gives an opportunity to an individual for maintaining the… Read More »

SBI Life: Retire Smart Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Retire Smart is basically a unit linked non-participating pension policy which provides the life insurance coverage as well as the alternatives to invest in diverse funds with the numerous risks return situations. This policy is a Non-Traditional Pension Plan with no Bonus facility but it guarantees 101% of all premiums compensated on vesting… Read More »