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Investment Options to help earn a Monthly or a Regular Income

For the individuals, who are retired as well as semi retired, earning a monthly income is one of the priorities. In order to generate the fixed income, it is recommended to have a mix of different investment options like FDs, mutual funds, Savings Schemes, Post office monthly savings scheme, etc. depending of the risk appetite… Read More »

What Is Mutual Fund NAV, How to Calculate NAV and Its Affects On Mutual Funds

You may have come across the term NAV, when browsing your favorite mutual funds. NAV stands for Net Asset Value and it turns out that it has a great significance. Along with the dividends you receive from the investment, Net Asset Value is the only thing that relates to your  portfolio’s total return in the… Read More »

Top and Best Debt Mutual Funds in India for 2018

As we all know Mutual funds are something where people invest to save tax as they have surplus money which they just don’t want to let go simply by paying tax and want long term benefits which they usually don’t get by investing in other schemes whereas Debt Mutual Funds can give better returns than… Read More »