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Health Insurance: Hidden benefits that you should know

Health insurance is a method to help reimburse for health care expenditure. Similar to home insurance or car insurance, you can select from an assortment of plans for meeting your budget as well as health care requirements. Apart from this, people think that the health insurance only takes care of the hospital expenses. But in… Read More »

Things to know about Mediclaim insurance

Mediclaim insurance is a hospitalization advantage that is provided by both private and public sector insurance companies. This insurance policy take cares of expenditures following hospitalization in case of following conditions: In case of mishap In case of sudden illness In case of surgery during the tenure Features of Mediclaim insurance: It has a wider… Read More »

5 methods to get the benefits from health policies

Health insurance coverage gains a high popularity in all across the world. Given the increasing price of health care it only appears such as the logical choice for people falling in the upper, middle and income bracket. There are various insurance products and insurance companies which are available in the market and offer different coverage… Read More »

New health insurance norms as customer friendly policy

Recent studies in the health insurance regulations introduce a flexible framework that authorizes the insurance companies to bring in more innovative services as well as products. This will give support to the insurance companies for making health insurance policies more pertinent for modern and new patrons. Here you will read some chief revisions that will… Read More »

What is the discrepancy between Individual health insurance and Group health insurance?

There are two types of health insurance: Individual health insurance and Group health insurance. Group health insurance: This type of insurance is a package that an association buys for the advantage of its employees. This insurance can be established in two ways; the association may intend a self-insured plan itself or choose a pre-planned insurance… Read More »