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SBI Life – eIncome Shield Protection Plan Review

As the name suggests, Income is the integral part of each and every one’s life. Whether we work to live, or live to work, income is the one which helps us to maintain the lifestyle. Income helps us to pay all rents, mortgage, telephone bill and utility bills. Life is a serious event that any… Read More »

SBI Life: Annuity Plus Policy Review

SBI Life Annuity Plus Pension Plan is basically an Immediate pension, traditional as well as non participating plan. This policy introduced by SBI provides a person with a wide variety of the annuity alternatives along with its in built flexibilities. SBI Life – Annuity Plus also gives an opportunity to an individual for maintaining the… Read More »

SBI Life: Retire Smart Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Retire Smart is basically a unit linked non-participating pension policy which provides the life insurance coverage as well as the alternatives to invest in diverse funds with the numerous risks return situations. This policy is a Non-Traditional Pension Plan with no Bonus facility but it guarantees 101% of all premiums compensated on vesting… Read More »

SBI Life: Smart Wealth Builder Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder is a unit linked non participating insurance policy. It is an effort for meeting all your monetary as well as insurance requirements through a single product. You can select your needed life insurance cover subject to least or utmost level with SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Insurance plan. In this… Read More »

SBI Life: Smart Champ Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Smart Champ Insurance is basically a non-linked participating life insurance plan which is meant for protecting the educational requirements of your child. This insurance plan also secures the future of your child against the uncertainties of life. In this policy, the parent will be the payer and child is the nominee. This policy… Read More »

SBI Life: Smart Power Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Smart Power Insurance plan is mainly a non participating ULIP which offers investors life insurance cover as well as investment opportunities at very reasonable premiums. With the SBI Life Smart Power Insurance plan one can attain monetary security for his family members in case anything unfortunate happens to him. As well as this… Read More »

SBI Life: Smart Scholar Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Smart Scholar is mainly a ULIP policy which is meant for those people who want to assure that the requirements of their loved ones are taken care of even if they are not alive. It provides the beneficiary the benefit of the payment of sum assured under the plan and a waiver of… Read More »

SBI Life: Saral Maha Anand Insurance Policy Review

SBI Life Saral Maha Anand is a ULIP plan which is offered by SBI where the premium amount is invested in the capital markets. This plan gives an insured person double benefits to invest in a policy that invests the money into an instrument where growth is a strong prospect and comes attached with the… Read More »

SBI Life: eWealth Insurance Policy Review

One of the well known insurance plans offered by SBI Life is SBI Life eWealth Insurance. This is a non-participating online unit linked plan which is meant with an objective to help people in accumulating more wealth. There are two plan alternatives which are available under this product that are Growth and Balanced. In this… Read More »

SBI Life: Smart Elite Policy Review

SBI Life Smart Elite policy is basically a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). This doubles as an investment portfolio by adding up to a life insurance policy. In this policy the premium requires to be remunerated in a lump sum under the single premium paying mode or for a restricted phase under the limited premium… Read More »