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What are the factors which affect the cost of Insurance Premium?

Life insurance is the best way to protect your family and can be a good option for investment. A lower premium remunerated can give a good amount of savings over a phase of few years. The premiums of life insurance are based on a various factors and it can be fairly boring for a few… Read More »

4 Life insurance Mistakes that you should avoid

Knowing the suitable insurance products and sufficient risk coverage is an essential aspect of pecuniary planning. The several complexities associated with the existing life insurance plans in the market make selecting the right one tough. Here we are giving you some common drawbacks that one needs to avoid while purchasing a life insurance plan. These… Read More »

Life insurance premium: 5 things you should know before paying it

Everyone knows that premium is the rate which is compensated for purchasing an insurance policy. All though, there are various aspects of the premium which are not well understood. Premium makes the contract of insurance complete and it varies across insurance organizations and policies. It can differ as per the sum assured and the age… Read More »

How you can keep the price of insurance down? 4 Ways to do this

The price of the life insurance is predicated upon various factors over which we have less control like gender, health and age; there are many methods in which the overall price can be reduce. It helps in having a understanding of how life insurance companies base their prices and the limit to which some of… Read More »

What will be the effect of GST on your insurance premium?

GST (Goods and services tax) after its passing has changed the tax architecture between center and the state. It is added value tax which will eradicate the flowing effect or double taxation effect on the price of goods as well as service down the worth chain. It is considered that the superior tax rate will… Read More »