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Why Should You Opt For Rs.10 Lakh Travel Insurance In Indian Railway?

There are always possibilities of negative things which one should consider knowingly or unknowingly. Travel Insurance is one of them. Accidents in a train journey are a very rare event, but that does not take it away that it will never happen. Indian Railways recently introduced travel insurance for the passengers. With this travel insurance,… Read More »

Steps for buying travel insurance plan online and its benefits

Unlike some years ago, now selecting as well as purchasing a travel insurance plan is a click away and can be easily purchased by sitting in the soothe of your office or your home. One can also refer to an impartial third party monetary website for comparing diverse travel insurance plans provided in the market… Read More »

Various types of travel insurance plans

Travel insurance plans provide the coverage to the policyholder against all the medical emergencies and possible travel when he travels within India or in foreign countries. There are an excess of options available to travelers from diverse general insurance organizations. These travel insurance plans are provided to the people as per the destination traveled to,… Read More »

Tips to consider while purchasing travel insurance

Travel insurance cover the policyholder for insurable proceedings that may happen or on a once-in-a-lifetime tour. The price of travel insurance is based on the type of cover requested, duration of stay, the age of the insured and some pre-existing medical conditions. It is essential for obtaining the accurate type of travel insurance to suit… Read More »