Various types of travel insurance plans

By | November 18, 2016

Travel insurance plans provide the coverage to the policyholder against all the medical emergencies and possible travel when he travels within India or in foreign countries. There are an excess of options available to travelers from diverse general insurance organizations. These travel insurance plans are provided to the people as per the destination traveled to, type of purchaser as well as the kind of trip undertaken. Travel insurance policy holders can expand their plans for a definite period of time if their stay in the abroad is prolonged. Hence, the various types travel insurance plans are as following:

  • Student Travel Insurance Plan :

Student Travel Insurance Plan provides the monetary as well as medical help to the students who travel to the foreign countries for completing their higher studies. Some students may face emergencies or other pecuniary problems while staying in a new country. Then a travel insurance plan helps students to continue their education without any hurdles. Students can take this plan if they are planning to go for studies in foreign countries or pursuing their education in foreign countries.

  • Group Travel Insurance :

Group Travel Insurance plans can be purchase if there are 20 or more than 20 individuals who are traveling to a common destination in a group. Many group insurance plans provide the cover for trip curtailments, cancellations, loss of documents or baggage delay or interruption of trips and various others. In this type of plan, each and every member of the group should be fully aware of the advantages or benefits which are provided under the insurance policy.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance Plan :

Corporate travel insurance plan can be availed by the employers from corporate sector who plan to provide insurance protection to their staff while they are in foreign countries. This type of plan can also be customized as per the needs of the company. All plans provides the travel-related as well as sufficient medical cover for insured and are accessible as single round trip and multi-trip policies.

  • Family Travel Insurance Plan :

The family travel insurance plan can be taken for a sole family which includes the policyholder and his spouse and their two children. Many family travel insurance plans provide floater benefits to the family members of a person under one policy.

  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Plan :

This plan offer travel insurance safety covering numerous international trips for a phase of one year. When a client choose for a multi-trip policy then a assured number of trips for a particular duration of travel is insured by the plan with benefits such as quality health care services, cashless hospitalization and quick resolution of claims. Moreover, these plans are perfect for those who travel to foreign countries frequently.

  • Single Round Trip Insurance Plan :

Single round trip plan can also be purchased by the persons for getting travel insurance for a single trip to a single destination with a period of travel. Furthermore, the time period of the insured one trip will differ depending on the insurance corporation which has been selected by the customer.

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