What are the benefits of renewing Two Wheeler Insurance?

By | March 14, 2017

All know that insurance of two wheelers is very essential; as well as the timely renewal of your two wheeler benefits in various ways. It makes certain the continuity in the cover and also gives the sense of security to the owner of the vehicle. It is mandatory by the law that if you have any two wheeler then it should be insured. Here we are listing some benefits of renewing Two Wheeler Insurance. These are as following:

  • Shield of lawful interests :

Person should be aware that the third party insurance is compulsory which entails that the plan should cover liabilities which arise out of damage or injury to a third party property or person. The renewal of the two wheeler insurance makes sure that your duties as vehicle owner are fulfilled. In addition, the cover also offered the financial assistance in case of an adverse event.

  • Shield against artificial perils:

Various events such as theft, strikes, accidents, burglary and various other calamities which are manmade can also lead to loss of vehicle as well as damage to it. If your vehicle would be insured then it will assure that your pecuniary legal responsibility is limited as it compensates a sum insured in case of loss of vehicle or covers the prices of replacements and repairs.

  • Access to perks and discounts:

By making sure that the renewal of the insurance plan on time makes certain that you remain entitled for discounts like NCB (No Claim Bonus). Furthermore, if there will be a break in the plan period then it can lead to the spasm of discounts and perks also.

  • Shield against usual perils:

Renewing the two wheeler insurance on time make sure the continuity in the safety and security against the natural happenings like earthquake, flood, fire, storm, self ignition, landslide, cyclone, explosion and various others. It compensates towards the repair work for damages which are caused because of any of the hazards and also pays loss of life or damage to the rider owner and its inhabitants also.

  • Provides a wisdom of security:

If your two wheeler is covered then it provides you a sense of security and safety to ride in a confident manner. Additionally, it also saves you from the fines which were imposed by the enforcement agencies like traffic police for not carrying an applicable insurance.

  • Insurance Cover in foreign country:

Now a days it is a fad to cross travel in a two wheeler such as Motorcycle. Having insurance for it compensates for damages outside the Indian Territory also. During the time of immigration, 2 wheeler insurance might be obligatory in the country or in the territory you are travelling to. So, renewing on time also helps in gratifying the legal compulsions.

Apart from this, it is recommended to keep the track of validity date of the policy and renew in advance according to the timelines for saving on the added prices like inspection charges. You should also make the utilization of the discounts like NCB and deem rising your share in Voluntary Excess for getting a lesser amount of premium.


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