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LIC has provided E- services facilities for the benefits of its policy holders.  It was introduced by IRDAI Chairman TS Vijayan. Now within a few clicks! You have much functionality at your fingertips which were earlier available only at branch office. The online portal ensures easy access for buying new policy online, making payment anytime… Read More »

Life insurance cover: How much you should purchase?

In insurance the premium remunerated by you is only to secure and safe your life. Hence, in case of your early death your nominee will get the full insurance cover sum. If you are going to purchase an insurance policy then you have to be logical. The requirement of life insurance cover for every person… Read More »

5 well known benefits of Insurance

There are various terms in insurance which are difficult to understand. But it does not means that it’s not value the effort. A person needs to be smart to find out the good deal as well as the best plan for protecting his loved ones. Here we are giving some you some insurance benefits which… Read More »

7 benefits of having Life Insurance

Life insurance is basically a contract of an individual with the insurance company. In barter for premium payments these companies gives a lump sum payment which is known as the death benefit to the receivers upon the death of insured person. Life of persons is certain and a life insurance brings a measure of certainty… Read More »

What is the importance of insurance for an individual?

Insurance basically means the protecting yourself from financial loss. It is a type of risk management which is mainly used to evade against the possibility of a contingent, uncertain loss. In this the insured (entity who buys insurance) transmits the rate of potential loss to another entity in swap for financial compensation which is known… Read More »