How to Pay LIC Premium Online – Step by Step Payment Procedure

Process to pay the Premium using LIC Online Payment

An introduction to the LIC Online Payment Process :

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the top life insurance company in India. LIC is a public sector Insurance company. People have superior trust & belief on LIC, because it is guarded by the Indian government. However, when it comes to the services & additional characteristics given by the LIC is after their private complements. A similar thing is the LIC online payment of the insurance premium. Yet many policy holders are unaware of the LIC Premium Online Payment & they still depend on the LIC agents.

This website gives details to you regarding the process of LIC of India online payment in thorough steps. We expect after going through this, people may find it simple to pay the premiums online without any uncertainty. Generally the people think that Online Payment of LIC of premium is done only via agents or directly by going to the LIC office. However, paying LIC Policy Online Payment, which is in official website, would be hassle free & banks you lot of time. That is the cause that LIC has given this online payment provision to make their customers more secure. Furthermore you can pay many policies in the single account (but it is not suggested by LIC). You can examine the given below steps to make the LIC India Online Payment.

Currently you can pay your LIC policy Premium online, with just small number of snap on on your computer. LIC has made life easier for the countless LIC policy holders across the country. At first LIC online payment registration should be finished. Subsequent to registration you can pay your premium by Online Payment LIC. Let us go through the steps in element.

LIC online payment process for registered users

  1. Visit the website

Home page will be shown as displayed under :LIC-registered-users


Snap on “Online services” option which will take you to a page having options “Registered users” & “LIC pay direct”.LIC-Payment-online-Register-user-page

LIC Online Payment Login

Snap on Registered users, then a unlike page appears with LIC log in I.D & password.LIC-online-payment-customer-login

Now, you have to fill the user name & password elements in it & snap on “Go” option.

Once you login you require to enroll your policy to recover your policy details.

In the left side menu you have a choice “Enroll policies”

Snap on Enroll policies & provide your Policy number & premium amount as shown in the image below

Then click on the second option in the left side menu that is “View enrolled policies”LIC-payment-online-policy-tools-page

Then a page pops up with a Code as shown under. Please fill up the code as displayed in the image & snap on submit. After that you will be able to observe all the details of your policy.LIC-payment-online-captcha

Once you enter the above you will be capable to examine the enrolled policies. For further information Please snap on policy number. Then page with full information comes out before you as given in below image.

After screening the policy details, In customer service you will be able to observe a choice to “Pay Premium online” to make the payment online. Snap on the ‘Pay Premium Online” link & you will observe a list of policies you have enrolled in your account.LIC-Payment-online-customer-services-page

Choose the policies which you want to enroll & snap on the submit button. It will be directing to the payment gateway site where you will be making the payment. Once payment is made, you will be recurring to the same webpage.LIC-payment-online-policy-payment-page

At first there are no terms to pay the LIC premium using the credit card. But lately LIC has given the option to pay Online Payment of LIC Premium by Credit card too.Lic-payment-online-confirm-payment-page

Once you have snapped on the submit button, the next screen will show you the choice to pay through credit card or debit card. Snap on that alternative via which you want to pay the LIC premium.LIC-bill-desk

Post choosing the type of card, a list of banks will be in front of you. For LIC Insurance Online Payment, customer has to pay the convenience fees & service tax to the LIC for meting out the payment as per the table displayed below. Depending upon the kind of card you have chosen, the list of banks appears. Choose the Bank & snap on Submit. Then the mentioned page appears.LIC-card-details-page

Fill up all the details & snap on Make Payment button, your payment will be processed.

You can now see the premium receipt any time. It is one of the advantages if you are making the payment online. You can keep the receipts securely & take the print outs at any time.

The duplicate of the receipts will be sent to your email – id which is registered with your policy number.

LIC Online Payment new user

LIC has given a provision of LIC Online Payment New user registration

  1. Visit the website

Home page will be shown as displayed belowLic-login-new-user

Snap on “Online services” selection which will take you to a page containing options “Registered users” & “LIC pay direct”.

Snap on “LIC pay direct” for LIC Online payment then a dissimilar page appears.LIC-online-premium-Payment-page

Now you are required to fill in all the details needed in the above screen then snap on Submit button.